About Patric

Hi, my name is Patric Chan. I’m not sure how you found this website but I hope you’ve gotten *something* from reading this blog. You’ll also read some of my ‘rants’ here.

This website used to be a ‘real’ website (those corporate looking ones) but I’ve scrapped that because I’ve came to a realization (sort of). You see, I’ve been teaching people for almost a decade now on how to start their home business, make money online, creating internet lifestyle and so on – and it’s funny if my website looks like a “corporation” because I am NOT.

To tell you http://eduaidguru.com/research-papers.html the truth, it wasn’t easy for me to achieve my fair share of success online today. As a matter of fact, it was a HARD. Of course, it’s very easy now because I’ve mastered some of the core principles and learn lots of tricks along the way. AND it’ll be easy for you too because many can now show you the right way and there are plenty of automation tools to help you accelerate your success.

I’m not going to write my REAL story here because I’ve wrote that in the past that you can read by clicking here.

But I want to share with you, with the hope that it’ll inspire you to take action and you’ll create your own internet wealth of what the Internet has ‘given’ to me.

This is my ‘million dollar’ villa. In it, it’s decorated with Balinese interior design so that when you stay in it, you’ll feel like you’re ‘away’ from home, like you’re on a holiday or something. This is one of my homes, I don’t live here every day – it’s just for “weekend retreats”.

The part I like the most about the villa is it gives me a clear sea view when I’m sitting in the garden with my friends or just alone relaxing.

The Internet has allow me to afford traveling to many places around the world for holidays – any time I want because I am ‘free’ now. But the best part is, I can share this experience with my wife…

I guess the most rewarding part is, I can spend more often with my baby girl. Video below was back in November 2009, when she’s 8 months old:

As you can see, creating wealth on the internet is VERY POSSIBLE. I’ve shared how ordinary I am in my Sunday Email – I don’t have any website design, programming skill, computer knowledge, business experience, good command of English, connections and so on. In a nutshell, nothing except for the believe that this works and persisted. It has to start somewhere, might as well be here and today.

Today, everyone is also claiming to be an internet marketing guru (probably they are). “Internet Marketers” start to pop up just like fresh mushroom after a rainy day. If you study economics, you’ll understand how economics behaved. Well, I don’t but here’s my hunch why this happens:

First, with so many internet marketing courses and seminars out there, we’re talking about tens of thousands of people ‘graduating’ every month, or every week. We’ll be living in denial if we don’t believe that some of them will come up to become ‘internet marketers’. When I say internet marketers, I’m actually referring to marketers who make a living by teaching others about internet marketing. In a nutshell, internet marketers are those who make money online by teaching people how to make money online.

Don’t get me wrong… internet marketers are not bad. I am an internet marketer too, so might you. The only different of you and me with ‘them’, is who’s teaching the right stuff with proven result.

On a side note, I don’t know why most people who learn internet marketing thinks that the only way to make money is to become an internet marketer. There are so many (and I mean HUGE) opportunities in niche markets and other kinds of developments. Like right now, I’m also focusing on Facebook app, our company’s first app is PagePressApp where you can see it at www.pagepressapp.com.

The other reason is because of private label rights (PLR) opportunities. If you’re clueless of what this is, it basically means that you can buy a PLR product and claim it yours – as the author or creator of the product. This means, you, me and the rest of the world don’t actually need to become a Facebook advertising guru but we can become an author of an ebook called, “Facebook Advertising Secrets” if we buy PLR content related to this topic and paste our name on it. Isn’t this awesome? Definitely. But it only contributes to the huge growth of internet marketers who don’t have a clue of what they’re teaching.

For the past 9 years in this industry, I’ve done some stuff including…

  • My testimonials range from ordinary people to New York Times best-selling authors
  • Invited to speak on the topic of internet marketing in over 11 countries – United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Arab and Indonesia since 2005
  • Not just a new kid in block, been marketing and making money online since 2003
  • Been marketing on the internet in various of niches – pets, women, movies, electronics, personal growth, games and a lot more. Basically, I have real businesses, not just involved in teaching internet marketing to others
  • Regularly commands a 5-figure income to speak for 90 minutes presentation
  • My internet marketing products and courses have been endorsed and promoted by internet marketing gurus around the world – proving the quality and the value that I deliver
  • Self-made internet millionaire
  • Co-authored a book with other best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs like Brian Tracy, Suze Orman, Zig Ziglar, T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Conrad Levinson, Dr. Wayne D Dyer, Harvey McKay and so on
  • Pioneered and introduced the new concept, Niche Marketing 2.0 ™ where thousands of people have learned
  • Has shared the speaking stage with many world-class speakers and those who made millions on the internet like Stephen Pierce, Matt Bacak, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Adam Ginsberg, John Childers, Dave Lakhani, Christopher Guerriero, Robert G. Allen and so on
  • Has the credibility to allow me to joint venture with other internet marketing gurus and the who’s who in the internet marketing industry
  • Demonstrated LIVE how I’ve generated USD $36,316.65 on real time in 3 short days. This is shown on the seminar stage by selling digital products in front of over 200 live seminar audiences by just using EMAILS and WEBPAGES as the marketing tools way back in 2006
  • Has been interviewed by numerous marketers around the world as a successful internet marketer to teach others
  • Responsible for helping a lot of local people to become successful internet marketers, starting their own online business today and impacted the internet marketing education industry locally
  • Been featured in newspapers many times and business magazines
  • Collectively, over 200,000 subscribers have subscribed to my internet marketing subscription to learn how to make money online and promote internet business
  • Runs real business with a physical office, corporation and a support team
  • My Joint Venture include having my internet marketing seminar promoted by a financial institution (a real bank). Probably the first and ONLY internet marketer that achieved this.
  • Have received award from The World Internet Summit for demonstrating “The Live Challenge” where I took up the challenge to prove that I’m able to make money from the internet within 24 hours

What’s My Personal Business Goal For This Year?

To create a better lifestyle. Which means, to work even less. And less. To the extent that I don’t need to work anymore, unless I want to. Yes, I’m still working right now. Any marketer who sells you a course and tell them they’re not working anymore, I wish you all the best learning with them. As far as I know, my friends who make millions on the internet work more than I can think of. But hey, can you complain for making millions? I know, it’s funny – those marketers who sell you their coaching program about business systemization don’t have a systemized business for themselves and so on.  They are ‘internet marketers’. :-)

What most people do not know is they thought I’m just making money online as an internet marketer. I chuckled and I would prefer to let them continue to think so (keep competitors away too). But in reality, I got my feet (more like all of my fingers) in many sorts of internet businesses and niche markets. I sell electronic massagers, jewelry rings, self improvement courses, computer game courses and all sort of stuff on the internet. I publish blogs and content sites to generate advertising revenue. I develop website for real internet business to be sold on one fine day to make millions.

And for the business of being an internet marketer, I’m very passionate in this business because it’s very rewarding – helping people achieving personal freedom and getting paid for my value given. What else can you ask for? But, I will have a different strategy to grow this business. If you’re subscribed in my list, you’ll soon see how it is different.

The fastest to learn internet marketing from me is to get The Chan Do Internet Success System. And that’s also the way how you can reach me because once you’re a customer, you’ll get a different treatment. I’ve made it affordable for everyone to afford it so there’s no excuse for you not to get started.

All the best,

Patric Chan
Best-Selling Author, International Speaker
& Internet Entrepreneur