1 August 2011 0 Comments

Sunday Email #53: What I’ve Learn About Internet Marketing

If you’re new to my subscription and wondering what is a “Sunday Email”, it’s an email full of my rants, personal tips and opinions on marketing especially in the “internet marketing” niche. Sometimes, opinions on life. Whatever it is… I hope it’ll give you value after spending time reading it. To make sure you won’t […]

20 June 2010 1 Comment

It’s time you watch this

Many people are ‘clouded’ with searching for the ‘right’ strategies or the tools to make money online but the real ingredient for achieving internet success is actually not those. I want to share with you a video where New York Times best-selling author, Robert Allen shares some very important factors that can accelerate your success, […]

31 December 2009 34 Comments

Re: From Google and About Your Internet Success In 2010

While many marketers were trying to find out the magic pill to get ranked in Google.com, I was just taking my own sweet time optimizing my websites THE WAY Google want. Download my secret source book (written by Google) by clicking here This is what it says on the first page: “Welcome to Google’s Search […]

17 September 2009 0 Comments

Patric Chan’s Other Internet Business

Other than involved in teaching internet marketing, Patric’s other strong passion is in teaching people all around the world on how to achieve greater success in life and developing human potential. Patric’s other internet business is the Success Trace at www.successtrace.com.